About Fortnite Game

Fortnite as a game with a variety of modes, after the introduction of PUBG’s big escape mode has become more popular, in america can be said to be the top three games, and this game has been introduced in the country, and now also has a lot of players, there are many players are originally PUBG players, play Fortnite is directed at the big escape mode, but the Fortnite and PUBG’s big escape mode is still a lot of different, and these differences also led to PUBG play good, in the Fortnite can not play well.

In the middle of the game, killing other players and inheriting the heritage are effective and rich means. After all, in this game, besides collecting equipment, we also need to collect various materials to build a fortress, so that we can face all kinds of situations in the later period. There are only three kinds of materials. So if your guns are not very rich in the middle period, killing other players is a good choice Choose.

After all, those that can be searched in the mid-term are basically searched, leaving only some leftovers, so killing the enemy is the best way!

We also need to see a lot of points in the war. For a single player, it depends on his or her own technology and position, while for many players, it depends on team cooperation and tactical application, but both of them depend on luck.

In the city, the best choice is to make a detour attack, leaving one teammate to attract the opposite firepower, and several other people to make a detour attack, generally can get unexpected results.

But if it’s in the wild, it’s just hard. After all, there are not so many buildings. You can only build your own fortress, and then shoot at each other. But you need to pay attention to avoiding being surrounded by multiple teams first!

The most important thing in this game is the fortress. Unlike the Jedi, the most important thing is to build a fortress in this game. After all, if you want to eat chicken, you have to stay until the end. Building a fortress is the best way to protect your life. After all, the name of the night of the fortress is a fortress!

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